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Guest Blog: How Parents Can Help During Virtual Learning

Tips from MCPS School Counselor Nicole Scarola The pressure to be successful during virtual learning can be overwhelming and defeating for students and families. Parental involvement and stress directly correlate to student achievement. Intuitively, children are sponges, and feed off of their parents' energy, anxiety, and pressures.  Currently, parents are facing challenges with fulfilling multiple… Continue reading Guest Blog: How Parents Can Help During Virtual Learning

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Depression and Anxiety in Preschool Aged Children

CLICK HERE to check out a guest blog our founder, Brittany LaFleur, wrote for the Montgomery County Counseling Center. The blog explored the presentation of depression and anxiety in preschool aged children, when to seek help and who to turn to.

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My Child or Teen Asked for Therapy

5 Reasons for seeking help for your kid immediately upon their request! By Guest Blogger Laura Goldstein, LCMFT Family Therapist and Owner of Montgomery County Counseling Center Some children find their way to therapy because their parents seek it for them. Less often, it's because they have asked for it themselves! And when they do ask, it's a… Continue reading My Child or Teen Asked for Therapy


The Key to Good Parenting: Love 

There is no one best way to parent. However, there is one necessary ingredient: make sure your child feels loved. Sounds simple, right? Not so much. Loving your child and your child feeling loved are not one and the same.  A parent’s love for their child is something so indescribable and deep rooted. Yet, just because a… Continue reading The Key to Good Parenting: Love