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    Why Extracurricular Activities are Imperative

                Extracurricular activities are any activity a child participates in outside the typical school curriculum. They can be based on a goal and often serve a specific purpose. These activities include sports, competitive teams,  clubs, volunteer programs, or performance art activities. Most schools offer extracurricular activities, but they can also be found in your community! There are many reasons why getting your child involved in extracurriculars is so important for their growth and development. Let’s take a look at the top five!    Better Physical and Mental Health  Physical extracurriculars like sports and clubs can motivate children to exercise and stay active. These clubs can…

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    The Ins & Outs of Starting Therapy

    Are you thinking about finding a therapist for yourself or someone you care about? This can be intimidating for many… you are not alone. Many people put off getting help or treatment due to the fear of the unknown or the stigma around seeing a therapist. This article will provide some answers to help guide you on your journey towards therapy. Explore Your Preconceptions The attitudes we have toward seeking therapy can be influenced by friends, family and/or social media. It  will be important to explore what your individual perceptions and attitudes towards therapy are. This can be done on your own time, or even with your new therapist. Work…

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    My Child or Teen Asked for Therapy

    5 Reasons for seeking help for your kid immediately upon their request! By Guest Blogger Laura Goldstein, LCMFT Family Therapist and Owner of Montgomery County Counseling Center Some children find their way to therapy because their parents seek it for them. Less often, it’s because they have asked for it themselves! And when they do ask, it’s a pretty special moment! Kids put themselves in a super vulnerable position to ask for help. They risk being seen as weak. They risk feeling embarrassed, shameful, or guilty for struggling. They risk offending their parents or making their parents feel badly they can’t be the ones to help. So if your child has overcome ALL…

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