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The Misconceptions Behind Self Harming Behaviors

Self harm is on the rise* in the US and around the globe. Yet many misconceptions around the behavior continue to persist. These misconceptions often lead to missed opportunities to intervene and provide proper treatment. It also leaves those who self-harm feeling stigmatized and ashamed to ask for help.   What is Self Harm?  Self-harm is… Continue reading The Misconceptions Behind Self Harming Behaviors


Online Friendships: A Gen Z Norm Parents Struggle to Understand

My child is making friends online. Parents around the world are both terrified and bewildered by their child’s socialization habits on the internet. Teens are using headsets to play games with people halfway across the nation, constantly on FaceTime with friends, and DMing with people they’ve never met on Instagram. In our office, parents often… Continue reading Online Friendships: A Gen Z Norm Parents Struggle to Understand


Tissues Hold Issues

Tissues hold issues. Now we’re not talking about Kleenex here, we’re talking about the tissue in our bodies: muscle, epithelial (skin), nervous and and connective. When we are stressed or experiencing trauma, our bodies enter fight-flight-freeze mode and excrete hormones that aid in shutting down our normal immune responses and increasing our body’s mechanisms most… Continue reading Tissues Hold Issues


Practicing Gratitude Beyond November

Thanksgiving is the hallmark holiday for families to reflect upon and recite what they are grateful for. While Thanksgiving is a good reminder to practice gratitude, research tells us that practicing gratitude all year round is really the way to go. So What Exactly Is Gratitude? While there are many definitions out there, Harvard Medical School’s is all encompassing of… Continue reading Practicing Gratitude Beyond November


The Basics of Developmental Trauma

Developmental Trauma is both a commonly addressed and functional expertise of Your Best Self. This is an important concept for our parents to understand as it affects more youth today than is fully appreciated.   What is Developmental Trauma (DT)? Developmental Trauma (also sometimes referred to as Complex Trauma or Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)), is:… Continue reading The Basics of Developmental Trauma