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Our goal is embedded in our name. We aim to guide individuals on their journey to discovering their best selves through therapeutic and skill-building services!
 So what exactly is meant by “your best self”?  Your best self is a fully integrated and well-balanced you with all the skills and awareness needed to thrive emotionally, physically, and socially. We use a holistic approach combining empathy, compassion, and evidence-based techniques to promote growth in every area of your life. 
Your Best Self Therapy is a mental health practice located in downtown Bethesda, Maryland founded by Brittany LaFleur LCPC-S, RPT, in 2018.
With seven clinicians on staff, we have expertise in multiple areas and offer a variety of services. Our mission is to provide children, adolescents, adults and families with a  personalized therapeutic approach to empower them to make positive changes in their lives. In person and telehealth services are offered. 
Are you ready to discover your best self? 

Your Best Self Therapy is honored to be a finalist for 2022 Washington Parent Picks!

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