Sloane Guber, LGPC


Hi there! 

Welcome to Your Best Self Therapy! I’m so glad that you are taking your next step to becoming a better version of you.  

My name is Sloane Guber, and I graduated from the George Washington University Counseling program in May of 2020. Since then, I have been working as a professional school counselor in Montgomery County Public Schools. I am a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC) and a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). 

I have always loved working with children and young adults, and my goal with all people I work with is to help them better understand themselves, their strengths, and manage their negative thoughts to ultimately live a more fulfilling life. In this field, the key to successful work begins with the therapeutic relationship. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to therapy, so I like to use a variety of approaches and tailor them to each individual client. Some, but not all, of the approaches that I use are person-centered therapy, solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and play therapy. Above all else, I strive to create a safe and supportive space for all of my clients to explore their inner and outer worlds through a warm and non-judgmental approach. 

As a school counselor, I communicate with parents, teachers, administrators, and co-counselors on a daily basis. I believe working collaboratively is essential in order to support the client’s growth by understanding the whole self. 

 I look forward to working together!