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    Body Image: Change Your Narrative

    If you are not feeling good about your body know that you are not alone. Body dissatisfaction is so common that the research literature even refers to it as normative discontent, meaning it is normal not to feel good about your body. We are bombarded with messages that our body is not good enough. Think about a trip to your local CVS or Walgreens and how many products they sell to improve or change your body (Read about CVS Beauty Mark). We also live in a diet culture where we are told that our body should be thin. If it is not, then there is something wrong with us and…

  • Guest Blog,  Parenting

    Guest Blog: How Parents Can Help During Virtual Learning

    Tips from MCPS School Counselor Nicole Scarola The pressure to be successful during virtual learning can be overwhelming and defeating for students and families. Parental involvement and stress directly correlate to student achievement. Intuitively, children are sponges, and feed off of their parents’ energy, anxiety, and pressures.  Currently, parents are facing challenges with fulfilling multiple roles at the same time. Families are trying to find the best way to support their children through this revolutionized way of learning. It is important for parents to be mindful of how they are affecting their child and put in the best practices to help their online learning. So how can parents do this?…

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