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    Tissues Hold Issues

    Tissues hold issues. Now we’re not talking about Kleenex here, we’re talking about the tissue in our bodies: muscle, epithelial (skin), nervous and and connective. When we are stressed or experiencing trauma, our bodies enter fight-flight-freeze mode and excrete hormones that aid in shutting down our normal immune responses and increasing our body’s mechanisms most essential to survival. Author and therapist Babette Rothschild writes in her book The Body Remembers: Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment, “a psychophysical experience, even when the traumatic event causes no direct bodily harm will impact the body.” Even more, “the body cannot tell difference between emotional and physical danger.” The bodies fight-flight-freeze mode is…

  • Play Therapy

    The Power of Play in Therapy

    This week is National Play Therapy Awareness Week! The effectiveness of play is seen everyday at Your Best Self. In this blog, we will walk you through the basics of play therapy and how we utilize play therapy techniques in our practice. What Is Play Therapy? Play therapy is an umbrella term used for treatment methods involving and valuing the power of play. A therapist uses play to help a child address and resolve psychological and psychosocial challenges. Why Play Therapy? Renowned play therapist Garry Landreth wrote, “toys are children’s words and play is their language.” Makes sense doesn’t it? On a scientific level, the Broca’s area of the brain…

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