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Instagram Live: Toxic Relationships: How to Spot Them, How to Exit & How to Heal

A conversation with Meredith Prescott, NYC-based relationship expert, therapist and founder of Prescott Psychotherapy.

Instagram Live: The Connection Between Mental and Physical Health

A conversation with MOCO personal trainer, Jason Alfonso of JB Athletics about the intersection of mental and physical health.

Instagram Live: Exploring Executive Functioning

We got the chance to interview executive functioning coach and founder of Learning Links Educational Services, Stephanie Owens, about the impacts of executive functioning weaknesses and tips to overcome the challenges!

Instagram Live: Preparing for Back to School – Virtual Learning Style

August 21, 2020

Montgomery County Public Schools are starting in just one week! Laura Goldstein, LCFMFT of Montgomery County Counseling Center and I sat down for a conversation about how kids and families can be preparing for virtual learning. We covered everything from physical space to socialization, and reducing friction between parents and children!

“Brittany advises that at least once a week kids have the opportunity to be with peers.

Kids respond well to positive peer pressure. This doesn’t have to be a best friend or someone in the same class. Just another school-aged child doing independent work nearby another school-aged child. Once a week provides something different. Plus that allows a parent  one day of a break by working with other families.

If you need help finding people with similar needs, reach out to your guidance counselor who can help you create a pod.”

Watch the video above or CLICK HERE for a breakdown of the interview with timestamp intervals for every topic!

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