Support Group 

Teaching During Covid-19: I did not sign up for this.

 Friday September 18th – Friday October 23rd, 4:30-5:30 PM

We all know that teaching can already feel like an impossible job. You’re expected to be a counselor, a nurse, a caregiver, and then, of course, teach. However, in these “unprecedented times”, as they have come to be known, working in a school has become an even more daunting task.

photo of child sitting by the table while looking at the imac

Feeling overwhelmed about the new school year? Need a trusted place to come and discuss your frustrations outside of the staff meetings? Struggling to cope with juggling your work now that it is enmeshed into your home life?

Come join us to find a safe space to air your concerns while learning how to focus on self-care. This group will be mediated by licensed graduate therapist and former school counselor, Amber Young. We will meet for 6 weeks, with an option to continue longer if the group would like. Open to ALL educators.

*Discounted group rate $40

Contact for inquiries.

Instagram Live

Executive Functioning: What Is & How To Help Your Child

With Stephanie Owens of Learning Links

Monday, September 21st at 7:30pm

Stephanie is an expert in executive functioning and learning disabilities. She spent years as an educational specialist in Washington DC before starting her own company, Learning Links Educational Services. She also serves as a professor in the education department at American University.

In our Instagram live she will unpack:

  • What is meant by executive functioning
  • Who is effected by executive functioning deficits
  • What can be done to increase executive functioning skills
  • And MORE!

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Instagram Live

The Connection Between Mental and Physical Health

With Jason Alfonso of JB Athletics

Wednesday, September 23rd @ 7pm

Jason is a certified personal trainer in Montgomery County. After turning his own life around by focusing on his own mental and physical health, he is now on a mission to help and motivate others to do the same.

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Instagram Live

Strategies For Easily Distracted Learners

With Dr. Lindsey Dogali of Psych Testing For Kids

Wednesday October 7th at 1pm

Dr. Lindsey Dogali of Psych Testing for Kids

As an expert in evaluating and treatment planning for children with learning disabilities, ADHD and social/emotional disorders, Dr. Dogali will provide us with concrete tools and strategies to use to sustain focus during virtual learning. Something that is difficult to begin with, but even more so for children with disabilities!

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