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Our Founder, Brittany, serves as a Divorce Coach for those seeking help in or out of the Collaborative Process. She can also serve as a child specialist. 
What is a Divorce Coach?
In a Collaborative Divorce, a Divorce Coach acts as the mental health specialist and is one of several members on the team, often including two collaborative divorce attorneys, a collaborative financial specialist, possibly another Divorce Coach for the opposing party, and a Child Specialist.
A divorce coach helps an individual or couple seeking divorce navigate divorce’s emotional and practical aspects. A divorce coach can help clarify values and goals and guide client(s) toward decisions in their (and their children’s) best interest.  The coach creates a safe space for clients to work through their needs. Some issues often worked on through divorce coaching are: 
– Parenting Plans
– Custody Concerns
– How to move forward following a divorce
– How to communicate the divorce to children 
– What Co-Parenting looks like
While a divorce coach is a staple of a Collaborative Divorce, they are also often used outside of the collaborative process. 
What is a Child Specialist?
A child specialist is a member of the Collaborative team who helps bring the voice and needs of the child to the process. They often meet with parents and the child, a handful of times, to gather data and present what they see to the Divorce Coach.
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