Amber Young, LCPC

Hi There!

I am excited to get to know you. 

I received my Bachelors in Psychology from Fordham University, my Masters in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University, and my Masters in Psychology from Catholic University. As a Licensed ClinicalProfessional Counselor (LCPC) and Nationally Certified Counselor, I am here to empower you through a journey of self-care and positive change on the way to becoming YOUR BEST SELF. 

In my time as a school counselor and therapist, I have worked with children and adults struggling with a wide variety of issues including ADHD, Autism, behavioral concerns, anxiety, depression, and suicidality. I have helped my clients navigate life changes and family issues, including marital discord, parenting, divorce, and family reconstruction. 

I primarily work through the Cognitive Behavioral paradigm and I borrow techniques from mindfulness, play therapy, art therapy, and other evidence based approaches. These therapies, informed by the latest research, allow my clients to identify how their thoughts, feelings, and actions influence each other. As these relationships are identified, I guide my clients while they explore how to disrupt negative patterns and produce more positive outcomes. 

As we make these changes together, I provide my clients a safe space to share and process their thoughts without judgment. You will have an empathic ally to help guide you towards positive skills and healthy behaviors aligned with your personal goals.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Amber is an associate at Your Best Self